Wedding Photography

Imagine you are busy in your life and someday you realize that it’s time to get married to your longtime friend, or someone with whom you’ve been in love with from years. You start preparing for it and there would be so many things that managing everything with perfection would be so much next to impossible, Which is why You need to have a Wedding Planner who can manage and take charge of the nitty gritty details, from all the nooks and corners, when you are primping in front of the mirror before heading to the Mandap or busy getting that final touch from the makeup artist for your looks.

But you’d probably think what exactly do these wedding planners do when there are so many people around? Do we really need a professional wedding planner? Why not a fresher or a new wedding planner over an experienced and established one? If you’ve been getting these questions all the while, then you’re at the right place.

Read on to get all your answers.

If you are someone who always demands perfection, and cannot stand any blemishes or glitches, and if you’d always imagined and dreamed of a dynamic, flawless and a magnificent set of days during your wedding, then you should go for the professional wedding planners all at once, without giving it a second thought. What exactly do these planners do?

Here It Is!
Initial Consultation:

It all starts with a simple conversation between the client and the Professional Wedding Planner. With just a single conversation, the planner understands and chalks out a rough plan for the client. The client could be you. The bride, the groom or someone from the family or a close friend who’s planning for the bestie’s wedding. In a majority of the cases, it’ll be the bride or the groom because they’re the one who are getting married and whose opinions matters most for the planner to design the set accordingly. One can either hire a full service for all the days of the wedding or you can hire on specific days. This entirely depends on the client who wants to hire the planner. It is imperative as a planner to inform and give all the details of the package to the client before deciding on something.

The budget, venue, theme, vendors and all the details are recorded for planning. The planner can also offer Professional Wedding Photography Chicago IL in the package, to the client, to cover up the entire wedding and develop a cherishable album of the wedding, though this is optional as it depends on the client to hire the Wedding Photographer offered by the planner or hire someone else from the friend's circle.

As a professional wedding planner, the planner needs to have everything as a document, mentioned in the paper about everything that’s included in the package. A contract is signed between the client and the planner.

Pre-Wedding :

As a part of planning, the planner will collect all the details. The contact details, dates and number of days, residential address if needed. The planner will make a timeline about the Wedding Photographer Chicago, music band, and all the other entertainment events for the time duration during the wedding. A copy of the plan will be handed over to everyone who’s involved in this arrangement to have things in order and to have sync in the detailing. The bride and the groom will also receive a copy in order to know about their wedding and how well it is planned.

Wedding Day:

The wedding planner will be present at the venue much earlier, before anyone has actually arrived. The planner is responsible for checking out all the nitty-gritty details, from all the nook and corners. He/she will ensure that the Wedding Photographer In Schaumburg IL the band, the bride and groom are informed of the timings of the events. The vision and the theme that the client had in mind should be exactly and beautifully executed in the wedding by the planner. It is the planner's duty to do everything in order to get the expected results. The bride or the groom or anyone from the respective families will not responsible for any of the duties, during the wedding and it is solely on the planner to take charge.

The guests should be treated and greeted with care and love. The music, the flowers, the stage set up, the compliments from the guests and everything in the wedding will be handled by the planner. The timeline will be followed by everyone in the wedding and the planner will take care of how well he keeps the wedding on the roll without any issue and interruptions. The bride and the groom can sit back, relax and enjoy their big day as best as they can.

Wrapping Up:

And you need not wait until the guests leave and take care of all the details for winding up the day. No! The planner will take care of that too. Once the reception is over, the planner will disperse all the ones who’d been working on the wedding. The gifts and the belongings of the bride and the groom will all be packed by the planners and will be transferred to the place it is supposed to be shifted to. Though there would be volunteers for helping, the planner will be responsible for all the things, belongings of the bride, groom and their families. The professionalism of the planner can be actually gauged at the end of the wedding. The closure is more important for keeping the clients happy and thus the planner will do everything he’s responsible for.


The professional Indian Wedding Planners Chicago take charge of almost everything, in each step of the wedding for making it an unforgettable, a fairytale wedding for the couple. Though the charges would be a little higher for the exceptional services, you’ll have a wedding just like that of the ones in the stories and novels.

Turning Magic Into Reality:

Turning the venue into a magical place is the biggest task and it is what the wedding planners are supposed to do. With all the decorations and detailing, the setup and the vibe, the events and the greetings, everything that’s created should all be magical and perfect. Though the list of the job description of a planner does not actually stop there, nevertheless, the planner can try his level best to make the best out of the opportunity and make it lucrative.

Why do we need a wedding photography?

When you are getting married to your love, wouldn’t you want to store the memories and have them in the records so as to recollect someday in the future? There are so many reasons why you need a Professional Chicago Wedding Photographer IL for your wedding and some of the reasons are listed below.

- You cannot play your wedding day a second time. It all happens once in life and wouldn’t you want to see them someday years after your wedding, when you probably have a baby or when your kid is old enough to share the memories? And when you have the photographs and the videography of your wedding and if they turn out to be not so good quality, wouldn’t you feel upset and devastated for such quality photography and videography? You cannot do it all again and get the new photographs and album, which is why you need to have a Professional Wedding Photographer In South Barrington IL and Professional Wedding Video Film Chicago IL for your wedding, wherein your memories will not be put on the stake.

- Your wedding would have been the best day of your life and wouldn’t you want to share this with all your friends and relatives as a story through the wedding album? What if it is of a low and cheap quality? The awedding Album should actually compliment your wedding day.

- Even after years have passed by, you’ll probably be able to recollect ad recall all the minute details with the Wedding Photography that’ll store all your wedding memories.

- Never have a friend or a relative or any acquainted person as the wedding photographer for your big day. You’ll end up compromising and your money will go waste. Not just that, the priceless moments and the beautiful times that you spent on your wedding day can never be bought by any sum of money and it would be priceless to get back.

- The future generation and the people coming after you will treasure this as memories and they’ll enjoy having a good high-quality wedding album.

- If you are having a grumpy, slow, inactive, inefficient photographer for your wedding day, it is because you’ve not hired a Professional Wedding Photographer In Orland Park IL The professionals actually show them their work without your guidance. It is because you’ve hired him and thus he’ll give his best shot as a photographer for his livelihood and for getting more contracts.

Why hiring an amateur will be a big mistake? Why should you hire a Chicago Professional Wedding Photographer?

When you begin planning for your wedding, the budget would cross and you’ll find it increasing and apparently, you’ll try to cut corners so that it reaches somewhere near to your budget. You’ll probably think of the importance of the Professional Wedding Photographer and will think of why not settle with an amateur one. Following are the reasons why it is going to be a big mistake and why you should always prefer a Professional Wedding Video Films Chicago Andprofessional Wedding Photographer In Oak Brook IL for your special day.

- You’d surely not want to regret not spending some extra money on the wedding photography and Wedding Videography. Invested money wouldn’t seem worth and you’ll really be disappointed with the outcome.

- When you hire an amateur, he wouldn’t probably think and consider it as his profession. He’ll just do out of his own will and interest and that would certainly not meet up to your expectation. If you hire a Wedding Photographer In Naperville IL, he’ll try to do everything he can, leaving no stone unturned for making the clients happy. This is because he earns from it and that’s his profession. He’ll surely give his best for getting more contracts, orders and recommendations.

- There might be times when things wouldn’t move as you planned. In that case, an amateur wouldn’t know how to react and resolve. If you hire a professional photographer, he’ll have things for rescue and he’ll surely leave no stone unturned for getting things back to normal. The professional wedding photographer will always click pictures with perfection. The angles, lights, the bride’s features everything would be put in the right place for making the picture look beautiful.

- For every plan, there should be an alternative. This is because the accidents and natural mishaps do not inform you about it prior. You need to be well prepared for it. No matter what the circumstances would be, a plan B will always be good and this, you can expect only from the professional wedding photographer.

- - If you plan to hire an amateur, you will have to prepare yourself for running behind the photographer and do all the work on your own. You need to have a plot and a plan and the photographer will just come and click pictures as you direct him. Who would want to do all the work on the wedding day? This is one of the main reasons you should have a Professional Wedding Photographer In Glencoe IL. You can handover him the task and sit back, watch his work. He’ll come up with a wonderful photo album.

The candid moments and the priceless and the most precious ones that you’d not want to miss. These moments cannot be played again and you need to capture them for making memories of your life. If you have an amateur photographer in your wedding, you must be certain that you’d be missing the candid moments and the most precious ones. The first kiss, the peck on the forehead by the bride’s father, the ring ceremony, the giggles and laughs, the teary eyes are very important and moments that should be stored in the album. Having a Professional Photographer In Northbrook IL will not only help you make a delightful album, but you’ll also have priceless memories.

How much do these photographers charge?

This is one of the most important decisions you’ll be making for your wedding and more importantly, you’ll be investing your money in it. It is said that on an average, the couples in the United States spend 10-15% of the total budget for the photography. But hiring the one most suitable for your wedding would be an uphill task. You cannot hire an amateur, keeping in mind the chaos he might put up with during the wedding and for the professional, getting the right man holding the lens would be a challenging task, but once you find that suitable one, you’ll really be glad and delighted for the same.

Before jumping on the budget and the prices, you can ask the photographer for estimating a price or the cost for the number days. You can ask him to provide you with the details of the package with the price range. You need not get your bank balance zeroed by hiring the dream photographer, you can also have the excellent pro camera man in reasonable price too

The Wedding Photography In Burridge IL price range falls between $4,000 in New York And San Francisco. The average price range is around $2500-$10,000 and it entirely depends on the experience, creativity, professionalism and all the skills including the equipment used for the photography. Even the best photographers would cost you around $6-7,000 to start with.

There are usually packages that cover around 8 hours a day. Adding up more time or reducing would change the prices accordingly. Including the wedding album in the package is another consideration. If you wish to have an album, the average cost could be around $1,000-$3,000. If you are investing money for the wedding album as well, you could actually expect a beautiful wedding story weaved through the various snapshots and candid moments, revolving around you in your wedding.

But what if the budget is something that stretches out your plan and you want to cut the corners and save some money?

- Do not nod for everything the Wedding Photographer Highland Park IL has to offer you. You can select the packages wisely.

- You can hire the photographer for flexible hours if you wish to slash some money in the package. For instance, if you do not want to have photo shoots while you're getting ready, you can discard that from the listings. You can skip some events too if they are not too necessary. This will reduce the price of the charges.

- You can skip the additional services offered by the photographer. This will save hundreds of dollars and you can utilise it for something else in your wedding.

- If you are getting married on a weekday, you’ll probably get some discounts. Specifically, ask about it and request for same if there’s nothing as such. You can always move a step ahead and negotiate. Don’t be afraid at all.

- Having multiple shooters for the wedding would increase the cost. Try to cover up the shoot with the just single photographer. If you are really interested in having multiple shooters, then get the details first and compare the pricing. You’ll get a fair idea about the price range that is the charge.

- Hiring a Local Photographe will certainly cost you cheaper. Calling in photographers from other places would obviously increase the price as they’ll have to travel to the event. The travelling, accommodation expenses will also add up. Instead, look out for local photographers. You’ll likely find a suitable one around your place if you sincerely lookout for it.

- It is not wrong to go for an inexperienced amateur photographer as long as you like their work and vision, but if you are looking out for professionalism and skilled cameramen, and if you do not want to cause any confusion and chaos during the wedding, you’ll have to go for the Professional Wedding Photographers In Chicago, or the Professional Cinematography Chicago IL for a peaceful photo shoot, beautifully clicked and elegantly displayed in the album.

- There might be photographers who’d try their best to sell their services with their persuading pleasing skills, do not get convinced at any cost if you did not like their work. You can any time ask for more recommendations, ask for their work history and portfolio, gauge their work and get an idea bout how they work behind the lens with the previous work. If you liked the way they’ve made the story flow, like a beautifully written fairy tale, or an interesting, creative story, you can surely go for them!

What are the job responsibilities of a Wedding Photographer In Barrington IL? Is there any formal qualification required to become a photographer?

There is no formal education required for becoming a photographer. However, a degree in arts and photography would be an add on. All that a photographer needs is the extreme levels of creativity, possessing the right equipment for photography, business skills and some technical troubleshoot capabilities if any arise on the sets.

The main job of the photographer revolves around the wedding, covering up the events, capturing the most candid moments, making it a priceless story of the couple. The photographer should be available at the given time, without any delays. There should be flexible hours added to the given timings and some variables should be accepted.

Wedding Photographers Lincolnshre IL are mainly responsible for composing the shots artistically and creatively by processing the images. The customer’s expectations should be gratified with the work, and therefore, the requirements of the customer should be clearly deciphered in the first place to bring out what is needed. Wedding atmosphere is usually crowded and congested, and the photographer should understand and know how to make his place in the wedding, and make the most of his shots while he’s at work. Editing, developing and delivering the album without procrastinating should be the duties of the photographer.

- Creativity, artistic skill, and technical abilities are more preferred than the formal education while hiring a photographer.

- However, there are degrees and master degrees that hone you with the skills of photography, and get you right with the angle and light effects behind the camera lens.

- The camera mechanics should be well understood by the photographer before actually taking up the job.

- The photographers need to have their own equipments for the wedding photo shoot. A high resolution, highly sophisticated camera for excellent pictures is required.

- The photographer needs to have a basic understanding of the prices, finance, marketing, copyright laws for the freelancing work. Interpersonal skill is also a requirement as the photographer would be conversing and interacting with the couple and the family members during the wedding.

- An updated insurance support is also an add on with the Professional Wedding Photographer. Whether he’s from Parkridge IL or Long grove IL, Maintaining the documents and the formal papers would tell you how professional and what work, you could expect from the particular person.

What are the skills needed for the professional photography?

There are numerous things that you can do for clicking the best pictures. There are techniques that you can adopt and apply while taking pictures. These would create magical effects to the without the post production or the Photoshop work.

For boosting your photography skills, you need to know the following techniques that’d be really helpful for clicking incredible images.


How do you do this? When you right click on the layer for converting into a smart object, you can select filter and then liquefy.

The facial features can be liquefied with the help of this tool. The eyes resizing can be done. Narrowing the broader eyes, broadening the narrow eyes, and resizing it to the desired size can be done for both the eyes. Not just the eyes, the nose can be resized, the forehead can be changed, the jaw line can be adjusted, the lips and the smile can also be altered accordingly. There is an option ‘face aware liquefy tools’ which helps you to work on a specific face by mentioning face one or face two. You can click on OK once you are done with this. If you want to make some more change you can go back and click on filter and then select liquefy. This will help you for applying a second liquefy.

Colour Lookup Tables

If you wish to make some changes with the colour, you can do it with the help of colour lookup tables. This will essentially adjust the colours in the layer adjustments. You can just copy the adjusted layer colour to other images as well without re- doing all again. You can select the colour lookup table from the file option. Select export and then you get this colour lookup table option. It would probably get an error when there is no background, but you can easily select the background to by clicking on the layers and then selecting ‘new’ option. Select ‘background from layer’ and this will enable you to select a new background. The sharpening of the blurred images, the color of the hair and everything in the picture can be changed.

Creativity And Perfect Selection

Creativity is the crux of the Photoshop process. It is not easy to get the right light on the right curve with the Photoshop process, but it is quiet easier if you have the hands on experience. This Photoshop skill alone can create magic from a normal and subdued image. The perfect selection for the angle and lights is very important as it would display the most wonderful picture. The curves are created for adjusting the photo brightness on the layers of the photo. The contrast, tone and the colour of the photo can also be adjusted with the curves on the layer of the photo. The opacity can be reduced and adjusted until it is made to look fine. The mood and the effects of the photo can also be changed.

For increasing the contrast of the image, you can add the level adjustment layer. It is also called as a curve adjustment layer. The colour of the objects can also be changed with this setting.


For clicking a magical picture, and for creating a splendid photo album, the lens play an essential role than the camera body. When you’re not on a high budget to buy a high quality, full frame, expensive cameras, you can at least try to buy the Nikon D300. If you are looking out for details about the equipment for the wedding photography, you will get some information here. Read on.

If you are a perfectionist and cannot stand any discrepancy that would make you feel despair and not satisfied with your work, you need to have an equipment that best displays and presents your skill. The pictures you click would be cherished for the entire lives of the couples, by the couple themselves, the family and relatives. You’d simply not want to get a remark on your job and thus will certainly wish to have the best pictures for them and also ‘for your job’. The equipments, the climate, the light and angle of clicking the picture cannot be blamed and they in no way can be an excuse if you are a Professional Wedding Photographer. You are doing a job for which you are paid and you’d not want to rip them and make them feel embarrassed by the low quality and cheap photography equipment.

We know that it is not easy to spend a huge amount and buy the 24-70mm zoom lens when you have just started your career. You can at least plan for it and buy once you become a professional photographer. But when you possess such devices, these equipments are more than enough to build on your reputation with the jaw dropping clicks. One of the best alternatives is to hire such equipments for the wedding. You’ll get these devices in reasonable rents and you’ll really be glad with the outcome. You can try to get your hands on them a couple of days before, so that you get used to the settings and master them. If you are new to the equipment, you could actually rely on the auto mode as it would balance and adjust the lights and when it is in manual mode, you can click the picture and get the outcome as you intend it to be. Lenses which have wide apertures are very useful and valuable. The wide apertures enable you to cover up more light, making your picture look bright and vibrant with various hues. When you have this wide aperture lens, you do not need to fill the pictures with flash, for the extra light and for making it look real natural. There are couples who restrict the photographers for a flash- less picture and photo shoot and some recommend for the fill- flash photographs. It entirely depends on the couple and their likings. The flash on the faces are sometimes embarrassing and creates an odd situation for the couples as it blurs their vision. You can always try to fill in the flash of the extra light by bouncing the flash from the ceiling as it gives you a wonderful effect.

The photographers prefer zoom lenses as they can easily position and focus on their shots. But it is recommended that the photographers work with the prime lens as there are minimal distractions and the photographers can work on the end result and tell a wonderful story with the powerful images. For professional wedding photography, a lens with a 24-200mm focal length is recommended as it has a wider view and can reach for beautiful close-up pictures.

Types of lens used for wedding photography

Wide Angle Lens: this covers the focal length between 10-24mm and it is very important for wedding photography. The entire view can be covered up with this lens. Even when there are space constraints and you have a very small space like that of a dressing room or a dance floor with many people, you can easily click pictures with this lens. For best results and for a very congested place, you could actually use this lens.

Wide Lens For Telephoto: these can cover up to 24-70mm or 17-55mm and these are also very important for wedding photography. For clicking group photo or for a three-quarter length portrait this would be the apt one for the best coverage results.

Telephoto Zoom Lens: these can cover up to the focal length of about 70-200mm. If you want to click a picture and tell the story in your own style, then this type of lens is for you. It is wonderful for events and ceremonies, wherein you do not have to put your pictures according to your client’s requirements and you can sew in your own story with the pictures. You don’t need to use swap lens either. The background could be blurred but the focus remains sharp and the image stabilisation mechanism makes sit perfectly. One downside of this lens is that they are very expensive and cannot be possessed by an amateur.

Here are some of the most popular prime lenses. One of the greatest advantages of the prime lens is that they cover up wide angles and the darker areas too with much light and brightness.

You can create wonderful images with a small sensor camera with these lenses, however, these lens works wonders with full frame body. If at all you had to select from the professional new camera body and these professional lenses, you’d be recommended to select this one as you’ll see a worldly difference with the results. The quality of the images does matter a lot.

For a professional wedding photography, be it in Winnetka IL Or Northfield IL, you need to have a combination of fast prime lenses of 24mm and an 85mm, and a 70-200 telephoto zoom lens. For group photos, ceremony photos and for the expansive venues, the 24mm lens can be used. For couple shots and portraits, the 85mm lens can be used. And for covering up pictures from the isle, the 70-200mm lens can be used. You can buy a 105mm macro lens for clicking the detailing such as the rings, the stilettos, the flowers during the wedding. If you have the entire set of lens with you while going for a photo shoot, you can create a magic with the pictures and the album. The quality of the images would be incomparable with any other picture, although you need to have the mastery skill to click the perfect pictures.

Carrying a professional camera body has many other advantages.

If you are a Professional Wedding Photographer Deerfield IL, who’ve been in the industry for the long need to always have a backup camera. You need not always have a full frame camera for the backup. Even having a sensor body would be more than enough to get you through it.

Carrying diffusers such as the umbrellas, the softbox is very important if you are going for a wedding photography. With a slight gust of the wind, the umbrellas would be very important for balancing the light or for the umbrellas shoot. You can also have an assistant for this to carry all your things, hold the umbrellas or using the flash stand. You can have a bag with the wheels for making it easier for you. You’ll need to be relaxed for the wedding photo shoot and this heavy bag would add up to the stress. You can buy a camera jacket for yourself and it is very useful it seems. 4 lenses can be placed at a time in the jacket. Read the instruction manual as it would help you clear the doubts and work on the equipment. You can start clicking pictures and check out of the light and angles

Top 5 equipments (DSLR cameras) that’d help you do the magic with the wedding album

Wedding photography – post production work

Post production works are not so easy. You’ll have to work relentlessly round the clock. The work flow could be crazy and you’d frequently get panic attacks. For every hour of your wedding shoot, there could be around four five hours of post production work, given your creativity and skill to get things on track without consuming much time. Your work actually starts as soon as you pick up your camera and it end only when you hand over the wedding album to your customer. The main goal is not to work tirelessly 24 hours a day, but to work smarter and nor harder. Working behind the camera with more creativity is more important. The workflow and the post production work need not always be same with the photographers. Each photographer has a different way and approach to work on the pictures. But every workflow has something to learn for each photographer.

Working efficiently and creatively is more important. The post production methodology would differ, but they’ll all have something where you can learn, try, and implement it in your methodology.

The End Is The Beginning

When you begin your work, holding your camera, and ready to click pictures, have a story in your mind. Click the pictures with a flow, with an eccentric detailing, some candid moments, and some magical ones. Technical support will certainly help you, click better pictures but having a manual exposure and a customization is more important for the pictures. You can try the technique for the pictures that would work on the specific location, clicking the pictures in dark place, or clicking shots in a bright atmosphere. Breathe in. relax. Do not panic. Stay calm and relaxed. Draw a story in your mind and have a rough end result in your mind. This way you’ll get to the point easily and you’ll know where you are heading to and what you are trying to do. Even if it does not turn out the way you want it to be, you can actually shift and try an alternative for getting the desired end result.

The Secret To Magical Pictures After Editing

This is the crux of the entire photography. Though every photographer have a different way to do this, you should certainly work on this very carefully. For a wedding album of about 60-90 pictures and 120 pictures to the max, you’ll ultimately have some 2 thousands of pictures. But how do you sort them out? “Delete”! As simple as that. Your customers are anyways going to be super happy and over whelmed if you’ve done a wonderful job.

Photo Mechanic:

This is the beauty of the post production work. Creating the RAW files, saving the copies on the drive, working on the pictures, having it in the cloud or backing up in the drives is very important. You cannot work on a huge file and lose it due to some technical mechanical issue with your device. You’ll certainly would not want it to happen.

Editing Process:

Having the best of the best is the thumb rule. Be reasonable, objective and pick out only the ones which are the best of your shots. Make ‘delete’ option as your friend. You’ll have the task getting done with the flow and ease. Deleting pictures and selecting few would not be an easy task and it is the only way, you could wrap up your work efficiently.

Presenting your signature styles

The signature styles would be the most important shots and clicks by you and it would do all it has to do for making your identity fly high as it would be responsible for marketing. Have a signature style that you’ll do by default in all the wedding photo shoots.